Aaaah it's almost school!!

Posted by Tracie on 8/18/2010 08:23:00 PM
So school starts in...six days. Including today. I'm psyched, of course. I'm especially psyched to receive my student financial aid refund. The day you receive that, it's like Christmas without the tree :D

I'm reading a new book from the library, Cognitive Surplus. It's about the development of technology and social media. After I finish that, I'm going to start on The Social Media Bible, which talks about promoting products, services, and business in general by using social media. (I didn't expect it would be so thick when I reserved it at the library!) When I took Technical Writing at DSC over the summer, I realized how much I don't know about Web 2.0 and its uses, so I'm trying to remedy that now.

I'm still working with Dr. Crenshaw and Florence (Dr. Bacabac) at DSC and the Society for Technical Communication on starting an STC chapter at DSC. What we need now is people - student members, specifically, and Dr. Crenshaw and Florence say they know of some students that would join. So it looks like this will work out! Awesome!

My hands and wrists have been really sore lately - not like carpel tunnel syndrome pain (which is generally burning/etc in the fingers) but just general muscle tiredness. When me and Brandon were in Salt Lake for five days I did almost no typing, and I did that on purpose, but my hands are still sore. I'm going to have to go see my doctor and see what she thinks.

And, of course, I'm going to be watching for my student refund like a hawk. It should come between now and Friday...



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